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A plan to develop and change… emotionally, intellectually, physically?  It is universally accepted that a key to aging gracefully is to keep learning and growing as a person. I relate to this so strongly. I am not on some sort of slide to the end. My best self is still a work in progress.

If I want to grow….

I cannot assume that I will somehow automatically grow. Lack of an intentional plan is a guarantee that growth will not happen at all, or at best happen slowly, accidentally.

I cannot procrastinate. Is the timing right for growing? YES, IT IS… no matter what my day to day challenges are.

I cannot wait for ‘inspiration’. For growth to happen I have to intentionally make a plan and act on the plan and not wait for any external stimulation. The impetus for growth must come from within myself.

I cannot compare myself to others. It doesn’t matter where ‘the others’ are in their personal growth. My journey is PERSONAl, it is about me and my progress toward my goals.

I cannot assume that this growth journey will be easy. Of course, there will be obstacles, setbacks, dead-ends, outright mistakes. My commitment to growth must assume struggles.

What about you?

Are you thinking about personal growth? Are you ready to make an intentional plan, and act intentionally to make personal growth happen?


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