“Home-based businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur.”

 Paul Zane Pilzer

The framework of network marketing

We understand that the world thinks network marketing is a joke; not a credible business. However, the framework of network marketing is a lot like Fortune 500 companies, only better.  
Let’s compare the two.


Fortune 500 companies look for good people and invest in them. Typically invest in paid training events.  However, they want to teach you just enough to maximize your position.  But they don’t want to teach you so well that you take their job.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, we also look for good people and we invest in them through mentoring and our online business school. We get good people by communicating the language of financial-literacy.

Our mentorship holds nothing back. We want the people our team to be completely prepared to succeed.  In reality, we are PAID to help our team members succeed. We want to teach our people so well that they no longer need us.  Which gives us time-freedom. On a practical level, pouring into our team, out of an abundance mentality, results in success and loyalty.


Fortune 500 companies also need to create a distribution machine.  They have a variety of ways to do that, all of which cost them money and reduce their net profits.  Ours is better because it is DEBT FREE.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, our goal is to build a distribution machine… through duplication. We are penetrating the market place through our team members. Our distribution machine works 24 hr a day 7 days a week processing orders and enrolling new business partners all through our Vasayo website.

All of our products are being distributed by our fulfillment center; Vasayo.

As a brand partner, you pay to enroll and buy your product.  As you build your business you not only get your product for free, you are getting paid to consume the product.</p


Fortune 500 companies have systems.  Look at a typical franchise business.  After investing thousands or millions to purchase a franchise the new business owner goes off to be educated in the systems that make the business function. Systems keep the organization running. They survive because of duplication.

In a typical business, owners and employees are trading their time for money.  The owners/employees are their own cash flowing asset. But the minute they stop working they stop getting paid.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, we also have a system that creates wealth.  We have our online business school that trains each brand partner in a proven system for building a business that makes you money in the short term, but more importantly, keeps making you money even if you are not actively involved.

We create systems that can be duplicated. A Vasayo business owner cannot build on influence alone. Influence gives them a strong/faster start.  But mechanics/systems is what sustains and builds their business after influence dies off. We create systems that can be duplicated.

We don’t sell the highest earner’s check.  We sell our system of duplication; we want you to see what is available to you if you follow the system. Our team, Overcome Nation, is producing the highest checks in Vasayo, because we have a system that teaches our teams to duplicate.


Fortune 500 companies are very concerned about cash flow.  If your business is not cash flowing you won’t be in business very long. Their agenda is cash flow.  But that cash flow is not ‘passive income’ for their employees.  That income is a straight-up transaction.  You work you get paid.  You stop working, you don’t get paid and the cash stops flowing.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, we are working for passive income.  Income that is generated without your active involvement.  You build your team and that team becomes a distribution machine quite literally working while you sleep.


Fortune 500 companies thrive if they have top quality products that people buy and buy again.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, we sell highly consumable products in nine unique billion dollar niche markets. An initial effort brings in multiple sales (Aka passive income).  And our products are Industry-disrupting products.  Vasayo has just been named one of the top Healthcare companies in the world after just 2 1/2 years in business. 4,000 companies were evaluated for this award.


Fortune 500 companies growth is essential to survival.  However,  scaling up is expensive and they always debt on the books.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, we build huge teams, multiplying the number of hours that are being expended in our business, and they don’t cost us anything.  We grow faster. And we are debt-free.


Fortune 500 companies start-up costs are high and debt is an ongoing reality of running the business.

In our Vasayo network marketing company, the start-up costs are very low.  Currently, if you pay your $50 enrollment fee and purchase the highest price foundation pack of products your total investment is $1,600.

So, you invest $1,600 with the potential of earning millions of dollars. That’s a phenomenal return on investment.

Also, it is important to remember that your business is taxed at the lowest tax rate. The difference between the tax rates on a W-2 and 1099 is substantial.

To Summarize…. At Vasayo:

  1. We attract good people
  2. We build a distribution machine
  3. Our business school and ongoing training and mentorship equip brand partners for success
  4. Our cash-flow goal is passive income.
  5. We offer #1 industry-disrupting, highly consumable products
  6.  We achieve exponential growth.
  7.  We build a deb-free business
  8.  We build a business with unlimited income potential with an incredibly low initial investment.


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