Our founder, Darlin Larsen, is on a mission to bless 1 million lives. That mission is reflected in our binary compensation plan. The company pays 65-73% to brand partners. We are paid weekly and monthly. Our compensation plan pays us eight ways, let’s focus on the first four ways.

Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth. – Robert Kiyosak

You must be active to be paid. To be active you must have 80 personal volume which translates roughly to $100 purchase monthly.

Pay Method #1: Customer Sales Bonus

80 PV Active Brand Partners will be paid the difference between the Customer price and the Brand Partner price on their personally sponsored customers’ orders.

Pay Method #2: Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)

  • 80 PV Active Brand Partners will earn 20% PIB on purchases from newly sponsored Brand Partners for their first commissionable order.
  • Simple example. If your new BP comes in on a founders pack, that is 1000 pts. You get paid $200
  •  In addition when your new brand partner becomes a Star by enrolling one active BP on each leg, YOU get a $25-$50 bonus.

Pay Method #3: Team Commissions

Paid to active and qualified Brand Partners. Qualified means that you have personally recruited at least 2 brand partners, one on each side, who are active. Any sales from your team creates commission volume.

  • Paid in cycles of 240CV/480CV and at a rate of $28 per cycle. A cycle is when 240 volume on one leg meets 480 volume on the other leg.
  • Paid up to 1,000 cycles/$28,000 per week
  •  Any unpaid volume is non-flushing. The volume is carried forward/banked.

Pay Method #4: Matching Bonus (Check Match).

  • Active Brand Partners with at least 160 PV, who are qualfied and paid at the rank of Bronze or above. • Paid according to the number of generations in your downline, based on your paid-as rank.
  • Paid on compressed generations of Executive Brand Partners. Paid 7-levels down.
  • On the most simple example, if your personally enrolled partner makes $100, you get a check from Vasayo for $20.
  • At Bronze Level you get 20% on level 1,
  •  At Silver Level you also get 10% on level 2,
  • At Gold you also get 5% on levels 3
  • And on it goes…. to 7 levels.

What is compression? Well, it’s a tad complicated, but basically here is a simple example. If your level one BP does not qualify, the person below them moves up. So a 2nd level person becomes a 1st level and you get 20-30% check match instead of 10%.

This is an exciting compensation plan that can help you build the highest form of income, passive income. Join the team, start building, and begin cashing your checks.

Download the Compensation Plan PDF: Vasayo Reward Program


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