Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.  Sounds good, right?  But how do you get passive income coming your way?


If you have a lot of money you can invest in a variety of ways with the hope that those investments will give you a nice cash-flow of passive income.  In general, you do have to be rich to do this.

Do you have a lot of money to invest like that?


If not… let’s look at PLAN B. Spend 3-5 years building a network marketing business with Vasayo.  Using a proven system with the ongoing support you build a network of customers and Business Partners who use our excellent nutraceuticals.  VOILA….  You get paid… and keep getting paid. And yes, you can leave this business to your heirs.  And they can continue to keep getting paid, too.

You don’t have large sums of money to invest, but you do have the ability to INVEST YOUR TIME AND EFFORT building your business. You can break out of the working class and become part of the investor class.

The goal is to stop trading your time for money, as you do in a traditional job. 

The goal is to get passive income that allows you to have TIME to spend on your family and your passions.

Sound good?  Let’s get going!


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