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Change your decision, change your brain, and you change your life: 

So far we’ve learned that our conscious mind can only process a small fraction of the information taken in by our subconscious mind.  There is a lot of data, data we need, that we don’t have access to unless we make it a priority.

We’ve learned that our Reticular Activating System acts as a filter giving our conscious mind the information it believes we want to know. 

What we think about we bring about..  When we set an intention our brain will begin helping us achieve our goals by providing us with knowledge, inspiration, action opportunities that will steadily move us toward achieving our goals.

Unfortunately, we all have an enormous amount of ‘baked in’ beliefs that can limit us.  These beliefs come from our childhood, words we’ve overheard, family attitudes, words spoken over us.  We accepted these beliefs without really evaluating them.  Unfortunately, they can have a great deal of power over us as adults.

Perhaps your family had the belief that money is evil.  Not an uncommon belief in conservative families.  That belief could be holding you back from achieving your current financial goals because remember, your brain will send you information that CONFIRMS your beliefs. 

Beliefs are actually decisions. You have been making unconscious decisions, based on these beliefs you may not be aware you have.  These decisions have been dictating the results that you don’t want.  Your beliefs have been keeping you stuck, unable to create the life you want.

Now what?  Are we doomed by these baked in beliefs?  NO WE ARE NOT.

We have to uninstall limiting beliefs which were neurophysiologically programmed into our brains and that are preventing us from creating the extraordinary vision we have for lives.

We uninstall these beliefs, by identifying them, and by deliberately making a new decision.  You do not need to know how or when, you just decide where you want to go, who you want to be, what you believe, and ,what you want to achieve.

When you make a new decision the first thing that happens is that you begin to access and attract an entirely new set of ideas and thoughts.   Your brain does not know the difference between what you allow yourself to imagine and your reality.  To the brain… it’s one and the same.

The moment you make a new decision you give your brain ‘permission’ to begin experiencing the new decision which initiates the growth of new neurosynaptic connections.  The new decision begins a visualization process that enrolls the brain to begin focusing your attention toward the object of your desired outcome. 

When you make a new decision, you recalibrate the Reticular Activating System. You begin to see the evidence you need to move forward.  Evidence that already existed and always has existed in you.  The reality that you’ve been filtering out.  You literally alter the way you perceive the world around you.

The new connections begin to attract the thoughts and ideas that are in perfect alignment with the decision that you’ve just made.  The HOW or action items you need to achieve your goals come in the form of creative inspiration AFTER the decision is made, not before.

Uninstalling these old beliefs will take some work.  Think about an area of your life where you have been stuck. You will have to take a long look within yourself and find the baked in beliefs that are limiting your success.  Once identified, you need to reject those old beliefs and make a new decision.

Change your decision, change your brain, and you change your life.  Let’s get going and break those chains.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2


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