I’m on a mission to reduce the amount of insulin flying around inside of me. I need to overcome years of yo-yo dieting and defeat the insulin resistance I no doubt have. One of my weapons in this fight is GREEN TEA. I’ve never been a tea drinker. NEVER.EVER.

But now I make a cup when I wake up… no more morning Diet Coke. It’s not long before I have another… and another.. as I move through my fasting window. I picture the tea washing away all the nasty insulin. Insulin is, after all, my ENEMY and the main driver of both obesity and Type2 Diabetes.

Insulin holds the key to the fat that is already in my fat cells. When I have a lot of insulin circulating throughout my body, my body is not going to be able to easily access that stored fat. Insulin is a fat STORING hormone. I must grab a cup of tea and DEFEAT IT!

Here’s the pattern…

Circulating insulin = efficient fat storage and very little fat burning.

High levels of insulin on a regular basis = insulin resistance. (ME)

Insulin resistance = production of MORE insulin. (BOO HISS)

With more insulin circulating = It becomes easier for my body to store fat and harder and harder for me to access stored fat to use it for energy.

More fat going into storage = excessive hunger because my body cannot get to the stored fat to use it for energy.

Excessive hunger = MORE EATING


So far…. So Bad…. However …. HOLD MY CUP OF TEA!

FASTING, not eating for extended periods of time, lowers insulin!

Lower Insulin = less fat storage and my body CAN access stored fat to use for energy

Using stored fat for energy = LESS hunger, lowered fat stores, lower weight (YAY), among other benefits.

Accessing stored far for fuel = maintaining my metabolism level which is ESSENTIAL for long term success

So… clearly the goal is LESS INSULIN and MORE TEA.. my secret weapon

TADA…. TEA is the BOMB!

One further note… When you are fasting 20-22 hours and eating one meal a day it is very difficult to get all of the nutrients your body needs from the food you eat. 

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