CBD ONE: Liposomal, Patented, Zero THC

Healthy internal balance is just a few drops away. Cannabidiol-based products are making waves throughout the health and wellness industries for their remarkable and wide-ranging health benefits. CBD One represents a shift in how the world sees CBD OIL. That’s why we call it CBD One…it’s the one and only CBD product your mind and body will ever want!

Our endocannabinoid system is designed to keep our body in balance on a wide number of fronts. As we age, we don’t make the CBD we need. Add CBD ONE and your body has the opportunity to keep our body functions in balance again.

Vasayo CBD OIL is

  • patent protected
  • broad spectrum
  • organic compliant
  • non-GMO
  • THC-free
  • completely grown and made in the USA from plant to package.
  • Best of all, we protect our CBD One products with our proprietary liposomal technology for proven increased bioavailability

Package contains 2 Bottles OF CBD OIL: Dosage: 2 1/2 droppers twice a day.  Two bottles will last approximately 4 weeks.


In the crush of the CBD OIL revolution, you really have to be careful about what you buy.

CBD is hard for the body to absorb.  Without our patented advanced liposomal delivery system you only get 8-13% of the CBD you ingest.  With CBD ONE you get 80-100%.

MOST CBD has some trace amounts of THC.  SOME have way more. First, do you want or need the psychoactive impact of THC?  Second, if you are subject to drug testing this is not good.  CBD ONE is broad spectrum and has ZERO THC.

Many CBD oil products have fillers and other additives that are not good for you. Many come from countries where the controls over growing and production are weak or non-existent.  We have independent testing and can and will show you our certificates of analysis. CBD ONE is made in the USA, plant to package.


Since Tamoxifen entered my life I have been plagued with so much anxiety. People who know me know this is NOT the real me. Add our CBD oil and ANXIETY BE GONE! I am not getting the vice-grip in my chest over things that are objectively not something that should cause anxiety. I am NOT snapping out at Michael over things that are, again, objectively not worthy of my overreaction. Michael has definitely noticed the change and he is now taking CBD ONE OIL, also.

I am so excited about how I feel. I am sleeping better, too. I no longer have to take Ambien to sleep. My chronic pain  has been diminished or extinguished and I no longer am taking nightly ADVIL

I am calm, happy, light-hearted, and well rested with far less chronic pain!  Thank you CBD ONE


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